As the final project for my User Centred Design course during my time at the University of Canberra, The Belconnen Community Council set the brief of “Find a problem in Belconnen, and then solve it”. I love when a brief is that broad because I find it interesting to define my own design problem.
The first half of this project was about talking to people, observing different areas of Belconnen, and researching what development proposals already existed. These tasks were shared as this project was completed in a group. This helped us determine which area of Belconnen we needed to focus on. We then went to the area we were focusing on and observed people’s behaviours in order to further understand our defined problem and how we could solve it through design. Eventually we came up with lighting, landscaping and seating design solutions for Emu Bank. Our group ended up coming 2nd, and winning $600 as a prize. Not only was the prize rewarding but the chance to present our work at the council meeting, and have our ideas and designs taken into consideration for future developments of that area gave me a sense of pride and confidence in my design work.

At the end of 2018 the Belconnen Community Council asked me to design a virtual calendar for their website in order to assist users to find upcoming events easily and efficiently. I researched their website to understand how it functioned so my design would work well and flow with the existing style. I used the colours of the BCC and created a map of Belconnen. I also edited the images they had provided me with using an orange and navy blue filter to make the images look more interesting and unique while again tying in with the branding. Once I had edited all of the images in the same style, I put together the layout of the calendar. I created a wireframe to show how the website would function. To give the client a better understanding in a more realistic way I used Invision App to create a prototype of the website.

In 2020 I was asked to complete another project for the Belconnen Community Council. They wanted to rebrand and wanted to use an illustration of a local owl statue I had drawn as their main symbol in their logo. I combined my illustration with the style of their previous logo as well as the colours used in their previous branding and website to create something new while still tying back to their brand. I then added some water as the lake in Belconnen is a large element of the area as well as the iconic coloured poles that are on display in it. I then implemented the design on a number of different items which the client had said they would like to eventually print on so they could get a stronger visual understanding of how this logo could be used.

The next step was to take this concept to a face to face meeting with the council so we could collaborate and discuss how to fine tune it in order to make it the best possible design solution. The end result was to use the version with the owl brought forward with the navy blue as the main colour and replacing the orange sky with a lighter version of the blue. Although orange was used as a secondary colour in the BCC website as 2020 was the year of the bushfires In Australia which was a devastating time where the sky went orange we felt it may be insensitive and have a negative effect to use orange in the branding.

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