The brief was to create a can design for Capital Brewing’s new beer
“Capital American Old Ale”. I began by considering what represents USA.
I decided to use red, white and blue for the colour scheme, as this not only worked well with representing America but also tied in with Capital Brewing Co’s branding. I used a classic American icon that incorporated the product, which was Uncle Sam holding a Capital Brewing Co. can. I displayed the name of the beer on an old style script to fit with the “old” element of the product. Rather than using a block colour of the navy blue I incorporated mirroring diagonal lines to link back to the original branding. I wanted this can design to work well with previous designs so I used certain elements such as the text around the rim of the can. The quote “Uncle Sam Wants You…To Enjoy Your Brew!” uses his original quote while linking it back to the brand, and adding a sense of fun with a little rhyme. To present information about the beer I used a font similar to the branding of Capital Brewing Co. I then created different ways to present this design if the beer were to be sold in a can or a bottle.

While experimenting with what icon to use I also created a mock up for the statue of liberty holding a beer rather than her torch.
I showed my designs to people who drink Capital Brewing Co. beers in order to get an indication of which design would be more succesful. Although I received positive feedback for both designs I decided to use the Uncle Sam design for my final submission as 69% liked it the most. I feel there may be a possibility to branch out and use other American icons or landmarks such as the statue of liberty for similar beers in the future, or possibly using a different icon for each can in a 6 pack to make it different and stand out.

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