During my time at the University of Canberra I completed a course called Networked Media Production. A brief I was given was to choose a topic to create a tumblr page for and then use other platforms to market the page. I decided to focus on dogs however needed to think of something more specific with a less generalised target audience. At the time I was following “Humans of New York” and it inspired me to focus on “Dogs of Canberra”.

Instagram was the main platform I used to market the Dogs of Canberra tumblr account, as well as being the most successful.
I started off getting content by going to dog parks and asking if people would like their dog featured and if I could take a photo of them. 4 years on and @DogsofCanberra is still running, however now people either send in their photos or tag their photos to get featured on the page. Some even message asking to advertise different dog services such as doggy day care centres or dog walking. Recently I created a couple of logos for the account and couldn’t decide which to use. I decided to put up a poll with both options on my design page as well as on the account’s instagram story and let the followers vote for their favourite. I’m happy that I chose to create a page that I enjoy running and that lives on past just being a piece of assessment. Not only has the page been enjoyable for me but it’s been great to see how it’s helped create a community of dog owners and dog lovers in Canberra.

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