Global Inheritance is a non-profit organization working to reinvent activism and empower individuals to seek a global balance. Their initiatives focus on the power of creativity to communicate and drive progressive social change. Each year they run an event called “Trashed Coachella” where artists from around the world design concepts for rubbish bins to be created by themselves and then used at the festival if they are chosen. In return the artist receives tickets to the festival as well as the opportunity to have their artwork seen by a huge audience. These bins are used to encourage festival attendees to recycle rather than create more waste during their time spent at Coachella, and afterwards the bins are donated to different schools.

Aside from graphic design I also work in childcare and love the idea of using art to encourage recycling and environmental awareness both at Coachella and at schools afterwards! I love to create art that sends a message in a fun and creative way. I wanted to use someone who both adults and children already idolise and look up to to encourage an environmental mindset using a catchy phrase, so I chose to base this design around Michael Jordan and the rhyming phrase “Be like Michael, and Recycle”. As well as thinking about the visuals of the bin design I also considered the functionality and user experience. Turning something like recycling which many people would consider a chore into a game or a challenge by adding a basketball hoop encourages people to adopt this positive behaviour without even realising it. I think this would help both adults at Coachella and children in schools to become more environmentally friendly and show that recycling can be fun!

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