In 2018 I was able to complete a couple of promotional designs for events at Mr Wolf Nightclub. These included Sante, Feki and Benson. I enjoyed the freedom and lack of limitation when designing these posters and cover photos. I experimented with different photoshop techniques as well as illustration.

Through completing these designs for Mr Wolf I was then asked to design a banner for a charity event which was held there. The event was to celebrate the international day of the girl by raising awareness of the importance of gender equality, as well as raising money to combat gender based violence in Australia and the Pacific. This event was run by Equal
Playing Field, who focus on opportunity, equality and respect for women. Although this event is at large for protecting women and allowing them to have the same opportunities as men, I wanted to avoid only focusing on women as equality involves both males and females. I felt that showing a male and female working together and doing the same job demonstrated how we should all work together for equality, and ensured that males would not perceive this as a girls only event. I used the colours of Equal Playing Field’s logo to reinforce their branding and link it back to them. This was one of my favourite projects to date because it allowed me to convey a message which I believe in, in a fun and creative way.

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