At the start of 2019 POP CBR opened in the Niche Building in New Acton, and again at the end of 2019 on Lonsdale street and Eloura street, Braddon. I was able to be a part of it and sell my designs both times. I learned a lot through this experience about how to create hype through social media as well as packaging and displaying items to make them more appealing to the customers. This was shown in my sales the second time compared to the first. I designed a Canberra sculptures themed callendar, a drag queen colouring in book, prints, and a number of christmas cards which sold out several times. This was such an enjoyable experience which allowed me to reach a wider local audience and it was a privilege to be part of a store which provides a platform for Canberra creatives. Pop Canberra was intended to be a pop up store for only a few months however it has been so successful they have announced it is becoming a full time store all year round and I am so excited to be part of it yet again.

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