During my time at the University of Canberra I found an internship with Rowdy Digital, formerly known as Goosebumps. I completed many design tasks such as business cards, photo editing, layout for a tender, typesetting, fine tuning a map layout, discussing wireframes for upcoming websites to be developed, designing content for current websites, and developing logos.

The first brief I was given was for StoneAge Brewery. The task was to come up with a logo concept for them which could be used on their beer taps. The key values the logo needed to reflect were simplicity, craft, nano brewing, Canberra or local, and natural. It needed to be recognisable from across a bar. The client didn’t want something overly masculine, however definitely not feminine. Firstly I researched the creators of the beers, and the product. Many reviews about the StoneAge Brewery beers were that they contain high levels of malt, as apposed to hops. This was what set them apart from their competition so I decided to explore it as a key element. Not only would having malt on the logo work visually and tie in with the brand, it would also be informative and avoid people giving negative reviews due to the high amount of malt if that is not the type of beer they enjoy. I used two strands of malt, one larger and one smaller, to represent the owners of the brand who were
a father and son in-law. I decided to include a bottle as the company had plans to eventually bottle their product rather than just selling it on tap.

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