At the beginning of 2018 I started working with a new small business called Woodlands BBQ in regards to developing their brand identity. The client had decided on the colours he wanted to incorporate and provided me with information to understand what kind of brand he wanted to be perceived as, as well as so I could understand what went into creating his product.

From there I did some brainstorming and came up with a lot of ideas based on the information I was given and some further research into American style BBQ. I focused on the animals the meat came from, the utensils used, the materials used, the meat itself, different styles and textures, and creative interpretations. One thing that had stuck with me from a meeting with the owner was him saying the meat was “out of this world” and this was a concept that I knew would be a little abstract and less obvious, so I also experimented with this. Luckily he loved this idea and was excited to have something out of the box and unique which other BBQ brands would not have.

We developed the original alien and space ship design, and used it in combination with the two red horns for his banner. What this experience has taught me is that the process starts with a wide range of ideas which are then developed in collaboration with the client in order to come up with the final design solution. It has taught me to stick with a concept even if I think it might be a little off centre because those are the ideas that can be built on in order to create something unique.

I have designed a number of promotional items such as T-shirts, banners, menus, flyers and posters. I have also taken photos of their events and edited them for social media use. Overall this opportunity was a huge learning curb for me as I was able to be part of it since the beginning of the process and am continuing to work with them.

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